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Travel Tips from Regent Holidays Bali

Packing your bags before a trip can be difficult. Put all your travel clothes and shoes onto a spare bed. The next day, remove one third. The following day, remove another one third. The remaining clothes and shoes should then go into your suitcase. This way you will have adequate gear for your trip and will be delighted that you don’t have so much to carry!

Keep photocopies of passports, note down important contact numbers, credit card numbers and their expiry dates. It is important that you keep this information in a safe place, preferably on you, so that you have it handy in case you need to report your loss.

When on long plane flights, Kava (Piper methysticum) can act as a nerve relaxant because it contains chemicals that have calming qualities on the
nervous system. It can also act as an analgesic and has anaesthetic effects. That’s why if you drink fresh Kava root, the way they do in Polynesia, you get a numb mouth! Before a long plane flight, take two Kava tablets and two more every three hours. Those with liver conditions should be careful as consuming Kava may aggravate an existing liver condition. For those who are unsure, check with your local pharmacist or herbalist.

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