RCI Platinum is designed to take your vacation ownership to a higher level.
Use your RCI Platinum membership on vacation and at home: Enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits such as Priority Access to vacations in highly sought-after destinations, opportunities for complimentary unit upgrades, plus substantial savings on golf, car rentals, premium residences and so much more.



  • With your RCI Platinum membership, you benefit from Priority Access exchange privileges at highly-demanded city locations. That means that you’ll be among the first in line when it comes to exchanging for sensational accommodations specially acquired for RCI Platinum.
  • Not only you have access to over 4,000 RCI affiliated resorts around the world, you can also exchange your vacation for stays at upscale hotels and resorts in some of the most popular destinations like Chicago, San Francisco and Hong Kong.
  • To see what’s currently available through Priority Access, visit the RCI Platinum section of RCI.com today!

  • Who wouldn’t love to upgrade their vacation experience? As an RCI Platinum member, you have the opportunity to receive complimentary unit upgrades if larger units are available within two weeks of check-in. That means even more room to relax and enjoy your vacation without paying any additional fees.
  • Better still, we’ll handle it for you – there’s no need to do anything. Simply indicate that you are interested in a booking complimentary unit upgrade at the original time for booking, and we’ll do the rest. As soon as a larger unit becomes available, you’ll receive a revised confirmation… no hassle.

  • In addition to the expanded exchange options from which you’ll benefit as an RCI Platinum member, you’ll also receive rebate on other RCI transactions. Give the gift of vacation with an RCI Guest Certificate toward accommodations and earn a $25 rebate. Enjoy and Extra Vacations getaway and earn a $30 rebate. Or combine multiple deposits or deposit credits and earn a rebate of $30.
  • Your rebates are automatically credited back to your RCI Platinum account for use toward future RCI transactions such as exchanges and your annual RCI subscriptions.
  • Start earning today with your RCI Platinum membership.


  • Exclusive and Customized Gold Vacation Packages featuring some of the top and exotic gold locations in Asia.
  • Enjoy Premium services and discounts off Car Rentals in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia with first class and preferred service, no queues, no paperwork.
  • Enjoy Personalized Services with Limousine and Airport Transfer with discounts off all major type of vehicles in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
  • Premium Hotels and Serviced Apartments with specially prices accommodation in various locations from Asia Pacific and Europe.
  • Visit the RCI Platinum section of RCI.com today for more details.

  • Set said on the open sea and enjoy spectacular savings on cruise vacations with RCI Platinum membership it gives you the exclusive ability to exchange with a Deposit Trading Power of just 7 (compare with a Deposit Trading Power of 14 with standard RCI membership).
  • With Platinum Cruise Exchange, you get to enjoy World Class Cruises to various worldwide destinations from Asia, USA, Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand!
  • Visit the RCI Platinum section of RCI.com today for more details.

For more details call RCI Platinum member services at 62 361 750150/ 61 894 677837 or email rciplatinum@regentholidays.co