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Bali is known throughout the World as the ‘Island of the more


Indonesia, the ‘land of many islands’ is the 16th largest more


Founded by the Malay kingdoms, Malaysia is a more


Spain is the second largest country in Europe, next to more


China- Like never before The ancient treasures and modern more
  1. Travel Tips from Regent Holidays Bali

    Packing your bags before a trip can be difficult. Put all your travel clothes and shoes onto a spare bed. The next day, remove one third. The following day, remove another one third. The remaining clothes and shoes should then go into your suitcase. This way you will have adequate...
  2. Must visit : Pemuteran – North Bali

    Pemuteran is located on the coastal lowlands in between the West National Bali Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat) and tropical rainforest, about three-hour drive from Denpasar city. Pemuteran is a small, laid-back fishing village that unfortunately still has not received the number of visitors it really deserves. You can explore...
  3. GO GREEN on your next holidays with Regent Holidays

    Use Public Transportation Instead of renting a gas-guzzling car that will emit greenhouse gas emissions, try taking trains, buses, monorails, ferries subways. Conserve In-Room Energy Remember to turn off the lights, TV, and air conditioning when you leave your room. Rent a Smart Car Choose a hybrid or a compact...
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the only one RCI platinum in asia copy
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