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Must visit : Pemuteran – North Bali

Pemuteran is located on the coastal lowlands in between the West National Bali Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat) and tropical rainforest, about three-hour drive from Denpasar city. Pemuteran is a small, laid-back fishing village that unfortunately still has not received the number of visitors it really deserves.

You can explore Pemuteran by doing a pleasant walk, wandering up the beach and past the rural countryside for magnificent coastal views, and for the more energetic explorer, a guided hike through the West Bali national park in search for deer, pigs, macaques or the exclusive Bali Starling (Jalak Bali).

You also can visit Pura Pabean, a worshipping place and an architectural brilliance that combines the Buddha, Hindu and Islam influences. Or the grounds that border the ocean, pura pabean pays tribute to a nostalgic story of how the Balinese fishermen and sailors and traders from outside Bali used to come together to pray for a safe journey. The word “Pabean” itself which can be translated into “customs”, implies that the temple was also a stopover for the seamen centuries ago.

Pemuteran in general is a place where you can feast your eyes on its awe-inspiring landscapes. The enchanting natural beauty that awaits you certainly justifies the long drive. This region is still relatively unknown, please bring a map and familiarize yourself ahead of time with two or three of the towns you will encounter along the route, or come along with tour guide.

Diving and snorkeling is excellent both in Pemuteran and at nearby Menjangan Island inside the West Bali National Park. Visibility is excellent and there is an abundance of reef fish, turtles, and corals.

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