How It Works

How Regent Holidays Points Work

Discover the easy, flexible way to enjoy more vacation options.

As one of the largest provider of vacation ownership experiences, Regent Holidays offers more flexibility and choices. With access to the most desirable locations around the globe, Regent Holidays (RH) provides unforgettable experiences for virtually any vacation you can imagine—and it all starts with RH Points.

Regent Holidays Points

When you become a Regent Holidays Owner, you purchase a slice of paradise and own your vacations. This innovative, points-based approach to vacation ownership is as easy as 1-2-3.

Purchase Vacation Club Points

  • Purchase the number of RH Points based on your family’s vacation plans.
  • Receive an annual allotment of RH Points to use however you choose.
  • There are yearly maintenance fees to pay, depending on what size of unit you choose

Plan Your Vacations

  • RH Points are flexible currency that you can use for stays at any of the thousands of destinations worldwide as well as once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiences.
  • Choose when and how long you vacation, size of accommodations and choice of room view
  • A personal Member Services Advisor and easy-to-use online tools are available to help you plan and book all your vacations.
  • Flexibility to use RH Points from past or future allotments, or purchase additional points to grow your vacation options.


Go on Vacation

  • Stay at one or all of the 3 Regent Holidays resorts.
  • Exchange from our affiliated resorts under Resorts International Exchange “RIE”.
  • Access to thousands of destinations worldwide to our exchange weeks.
  • Expand your travels to thousands of destinations including ICE Gallery hotels and RCI affiliate resorts.
  • Experience unique travel adventures, from trekking Machu Picchu to the Terracotta Army of China—even cruises.


Speak with a Regent Holidays representative to determine the number of RH Points that’s right for your family’s vacation needs. Contact

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the only one RCI platinum in asia copy
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