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GO GREEN on your next holidays with Regent Holidays

  • Use Public Transportation Instead of renting a gas-guzzling car that will emit greenhouse gas emissions, try taking trains, buses, monorails, ferries subways.
  • Conserve In-Room Energy Remember to turn off the lights, TV, and air conditioning when you leave your room.
  • Rent a Smart Car Choose a hybrid or a compact model that will consume less gas. Make it a point to drive within the speed limit to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Pack Light Try not to bring more luggage than you need. This extra luggage adds weight to the airplanes, buses, cars and other means of transportation you use, thus requiring more energy, and emitting more greenhouse gases, as it transports you from place to place.
  • Consume Locally Choose locally – grown foods like meats, vegetables, fruits and wines, instead of imported foods that are the result of long-haul shipping and handling.
  • Take Digital Shots Use a digital camera to capture your great holiday pictures rather than a disposable camera or and old-fashioned one that uses film. Try to use rechargeable battery instead of disposable ones too!
the only one RCI platinum in asia copy
the only one RCI platinum in asia copy
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